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Help information

Using a "Figinstock" service.

Here is the some alternative to died Figinstock.

This service, as well as original Figinstock, downloads a new item list from popular anime stores and send to users by email a notification about new item, accordingly to search list. For example "Nendoroid", "Figma", e.t.c.


Now, this service checks a:

  • Amiami
  • Big in Japan
  • Ebay
  • Hobby Link Japan
  • Hobby Search
  • Mandarake
  • Rakuten
  • Plamoya.com
  • MyAnimeShelf.com
  • Konata.ru

The search list format is very simple: Words or phrases on english/japan/other languages as used on original store, divided by comma:


Example: The store have an item, named Miki Sayaka Nendoroid Petit Good Smile Company from Madoka blah-blah.


If you enter Miki Sayaka, or MiKi saYaka, or Sayaka Miki, or Good Smile Miki your item will be found.

Yo can use item ID from the store in search list, like FIGURE-042488 from AmiAmi.

If you enter http://url-on-site-with-miki/blah-blah.html - the search will be unsuccessful.


Use comma after each phrase! If you use spaces instead comma like Gokou Ruri Konata Izumi, the search engine will attempt to find item with this four-word name, an of course, this item will not be found.


Please remember: Service finds matches only in the item names and item ID in the Internet stores list! Not in the item pages, item url-s, or somewhere else.


If you interested in notification from other anime stores, or you have one with API - please write to me.