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Help information

Konata IzumiUsing a "Figinstock" service

Filling rules of the search list:


Example: The store have an item, named Miki Sayaka Nendoroid Petit Good Smile Company from Madoka blah-blah.

If you enter Miki Sayaka, or MiKi saYaka, or Sayaka Miki, or Good Smile Miki your item will be found.

If you enter http://url-on-site-with-miki/blah-blah.html - the search will be unsuccessful.

If you enter GOODS-12345 ( item number of the item ) - the search will be unsuccessful.


Please remember: Service finds matches only in the item names in the Internet store list! Not in the item pages, item url-s, or somewhere. This service is for search only, and not for availability control of the specific figurines. It is only your decision, do you like price of the founded figurine or not. :-)




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